Welcome Chinese partnership announcement

Lobster Ink, the world’s leading online hospitality learning platform, are proud to announce their new training partnership with Welcome Chinese.

Welcome Chinese is the only certified program for international tourism providers that is authorised and developed by the Chinese Tourism Academy (CTA). The aim of this program is to guarantee that Chinese Free Independent Travellers (FITs) travelling in Europe and abroad find facilities such as hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions, etc. which offer the standardised services they require.

Chinese FITs are one of the fastest growing contributors to the global hospitality industry and it is vital that hotels know how to accommodate them appropriately. In order to successfully meet all the requirements of Chinese tourists travelling abroad, Lobster Ink has created a course package which teaches hotels how to cater to Chinese FITs’ specific needs.

The Chinese Traveller Standards: Introductory, Front Office, Housekeeping and Food and Beverage courses teach hotel colleagues about the basics of Chinese culture and how to interact respectfully and knowledgeably with Chinese Guests. These courses focus on specific Chinese cultural nuances that affect how Chinese Guests expect to be served, as well as the core concepts that have shaped Chinese culture.


Lobster Ink teaches international standards, skills and product knowledge to hospitality staff and management across 120 countries and 90 nationalities. Lobster Ink uses detailed, high-definition video content that is streamed to desktops, laptops, mobile and tablet devices. This makes it the training system of choice for the world’s finest hospitality establishments.

The Chinese Tourism Academy (CTA) directly approves and issues the Welcome Chinese certification and strongly supports all Welcome Chinese activities within China and abroad.


For further information please contact:

Mr. Sebastien Fabbi

Chief Marketing Officer

Welcome Chinese HQ

10, place de Grenus

1201 Geneva

Phone +41 (0)79 1743219

Ms. Anouk Tenten

Strategic Accounts

Lobster International SA

Boulevard Helvétique 30,

1207 Geneva, Switzerland


Phone +41 (0)22 566 5601

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